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ESR 3.8% Sodium Citrate 8x120mm with ESR Fast Detector

ESR Tube is mainly used for Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate test, it contains buffered Sodium Citrate solution with the concentration of 3.8%(0.129mol/L).
The mixing ratio of blood to Sodium Citrate is 4:1. 
It is suitable for the ESR tests for subjects of different gender and ages, with highly related coefficient comparing with the Westergren method.
  • 1.28mL,1.6mL

  • Skgmed

Product Description

ESR Fast Detector

    ESR Tube: 3.8% of Sodium Citrate (1:4)
    1. ESR Tube,1.6ml, 8x120mm
        0.4ml 3.8% of Sodium   Citrate+1.6ml Blood
    2. ESR Tube,1.28ml, 8x120mm
        0.32ml 3.8% of Sodium   Citrate+1.28ml Blood
    Tube Store and Testing Condition:
    Store and Testing temperature: 4 to 25 ℃
    Within 3 hours to finish the testing.
    NOTE: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Exceeding the maximum   recommended storage temperature may lead to impairment of the tube quality   (i.e. vacuum loss, colouring, etc.)
    1.  Put the ESR detector on the level   place.
    2.  Using the ESR tube to collect the   blood and mixing well. (Turn over 6-7times)
    3.  Put the tube upright on the ESR   detector. The tube blue graduation line flush with rack top.
    4.  Wait for 30mins, align the plasma   concave in ESR tube to the zero scale of the ESR detector, read the data by   aligning the upper surface of erythrocyte to the scale on the ESR   detector.
    Main Characteristics:
    Better compatibility compared with westergren method
    A safe, reliable and airtight operation during the whole process from blood   collection to test, free of biological contamination
    Designed with spirit level of patent technology, which ensures the detector   horizontal and aclinic.
    For 10 channels, synchronous operation allowd.
    Only 30minutes needed for reading, easy and swift

    Equipped with level calibration device, convenient for level correction

ESR 8X120 800X800


Item No. Specification Volume Additive Qty/Pk Qty/Cs
8160ESR 8*120mm 1.6ml 3.8% Sodium Citrate  100 1200
8128ESR 8*120mm 1.28ml 100 1200
810128R ESR   Fast Detector For 1.28ml
1 10
810160R ESR   Fast Detector For   1.6ml
1 10

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